Governor's Committee to End Homelessness Membership

GCEH membership positions are appointed by the Governor as outlined in the Executive Order.  Although voting is limited to members, GCEH meetings are open to the public.

* Indicates officer position

Dustin Allen, Missouri Housing Development Commission

*Katherine Anderson, St. Louis Homeless Service Provider

Katie Burnham-Wilkins, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Gary Busiek, The Salvation Army Mid-land Division

Jennifer Carter Dochler, Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

Julia Cowell, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Andrea Holak, St. Louis County Continuum of Care

Michelle Garand, Springfield/Greene, Christian, Webster Counties Continuum of Care

Liz Hagar-Mace, Missouri Department of Mental Health

 Missouri Department of Social Services

JeanAnne Markway, Missouri Department of Corrections

*Dottie Kastigar, St. Charles/Lincoln/Warren Counties Continuum of Care

Becky Hargus, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Bonnie Reece, St. Louis Homeless Service Provider - Hope House

Vickie Riddle, Kansas City/Independence/Lee's Summit/Jackson County Continuum of Care

Louise Secker, Joplin/Jasper, Newton Counties Continuum of Care

*Randy Sharp, St. Joseph/Andrew, Buchannan, DeKalb Counties Continuum of Care

Anthony Smith, South Region Representative - Family Counseling Center

Sarah Swoboda, Office of State Treasurer Clint Zweifel

Vacant, St. Louis City Continuum of Care

Sandy Wilson, Institute for Community Alliances

Paul Dribin, Empower Missouri